CHICKEN or LAMB KORMA (mild)                                                                                                     7.95

CHICKEN or LAMB ROGAN (medium) (GF)                                                                                   7.95

CHICKEN or LAMB MADRASS (GF) (fairly hot)                                                                             7.95

CHICKEN or LAMB VINDALOO (GF) (hot)                                                                                     7.95

CHICKEN or LAMB DANSAK (GF) (fairly hot)                                                                                 10.95

Hot, sweet and sour with Persian dish Served with pilau rice and lentils

PRAWN PULAO (GF) (medium)                                                                                                10.95

Rice cooked with marinated ginger, garlic, prawns and smeared with a masala of cardamom, cinnamon, clove and chilli served with rice and a separate curry sauce