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Tikka Masala – Chicken or Lamb
(GF) (mild) Nation’s favourite sweet, creamy and mild grilled chicken with masala sauce (Milk)

Pasanda – Chicken or Lamb
(GF) (mild) Tikka served in a white, creamy mild sauce (Milk)

Lamb Garlic Chilli Paneer
(GF) (fairly hot) Grilled lamb with cubed Indian Cottage cheese) (Milk)

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi
(GF) (hot) Green chilli, green pepper, onion, hot & spicy (Milk)

Chef Special Chicken
(GF) (medium) Tikka chicken cooked in a medium bhuna sauce (Milk)

Garlic Chicken Chilli
(GF) (fairly hot) Long, sliced tender chicken tikka pieces with sliced green chillies (Milk)

Chicken Shashlik Bhuna
(GF) (fairly hot) Chicken roasted with onions, tomatoes & peppers, tossed in a kashmiri bhuna sauce (Milk)

Saffron Cashewnut Chicken
(GF) (mild) Tandoori grilled chicken tikka cooked in a very mild, rich saffron sauce with coconut powder, single cream, and cashew nut and a pinch of saffron (contains nuts & milk)

Butter Chicken
(GF) (mild) Long sliced tikka pieces in a sweet, creamy sauce with butter (Milk)

(GF) (medium) Fillet of Pangasius cooked in a medium heat sauce (fish)

Chef Special King Prawn
(GF) Tandoori grilled king prawns cooked with spices & herbs in a sauce Medium (Crustaceans)