Plain/Spicy Pappadam £0.90

Dips (mint sauce, mango chutney, Red sauce, lime pickle, onion salad £0.60 each

Pyazo (ball of onion, spices and herbs bound together) £3.50

Tikka Starter £3.95 Chicken or Lamb (marinated grilled pieces)

Mixed Starter (a mix of chicken and lamb tikka and sheek kebab) £4.95

Tandoori Chicken (st) (qauter leg piece)

Samosa £3.50 Meat or Vegetable (homemade triangle pastry)

Wraps £3.95 Chicken/lamb or vegetable served in a chapatti

Sheek Kebab (mince skewered lamb) £3.95

Garlic mushroom puri £3.95 (fried sliced mushrooms served on crispy fried bread)

King Prawn/Puri £4.95/£3.95 (prawns served in a delicate sauce on a puri bread)

Daal Soup (red lentils and slice of lemon) £3.95

Mixed Platter (chicken/lamb tikka, tandoor chicken, £15.95 sheek kebab, onion bhaji and meat samosa)